A Tribute to the Amway Arena

The Amway Arena in downtown Orlando had many names. Orlando Arena. TD Waterhouse Centre. O-rena. But what was once the home of the Orlando Magic will be no more Sunday. In 2010, the then 21-year-old Amway Arena was replaced with the new, state-of-the-art Amway Center. Now, the old facility is set to be imploded to make way for a 68-acre mixed-use development called Creative Village. I asked a few CBR staffers to share their memories of the arena, and here’s what they had to say:

  • “I went to my first-ever concert (Jimmy Buffett!) for my 13th birthday at the O-Rena. I’ll never forget singing at the top of my lungs to favorite songs and the packed house. Concert goers were bouncing beach balls around the crowd and smells from the concession stands wafted in – nachos, popcorn, pretzels. I was fortunate enough to see Buffett three more times at the old arena – some of my best memories.” – Martha
  • “Sitting courtside with my son in the Orlando Sentinel publisher’s seats, then immediately adjacent to the Magic bench, when a Magic player came up and asked him to “watch” the talcum cone (players use it before going onto court). Same game, advising my young son about the possibility of “colorful language” coming from the players and coaches, then watching his face when it actually happened.” – John
  • “I remember going into the yet-to-be-completed arena to pick out the location of our Magic season ticket seats for CBR. I was pushing the stroller of my baby girl, Christiana, who is now a high school chemistry teacher. I brought my mom to the opening night event, which was Bill Cosby.” – Lori

I also hold fond memories of the arena. After all, it’s where my high school graduation was held. Then it was known as the TD Waterhouse. My parents, grandparents, sisters, uncles and aunts were all there to support me, but all I can remember thinking about was not falling as I crossed the stage to accept my diploma. But on a more serious note, my graduation at the arena marked the beginning of a new chapter in my life, and one that I was excited to venture on.

Tell us, what memories do you have of the Amway Arena?

Christina Morton is an account executive specializing in social media at CBR.

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